For you

The freshie who is anxious and worried about catching up to the standards of the seniors.
The senior who is in his final year and desperately needs to balance studies and cheer amongst other endless commitments.
The captain who is trying to cover all grounds but on some quiet nights, falls prey to doubt and uncertainty that nothing is ever under control.
The vice captain who is worrying over how best to support the captain and the team as competition draws nearer.
The flyer who has fallen from stunt yet again for the umpteenth time but needs to force a smile so that training can carry on and morale is not dampened.
The base who is adjusting his wrist guard, feeling the clicks in his wrists and wondering if they will ever feel normal again.
The coach who is imagining the routine, the grouping, the music, feeling frustrated and tired, and then going back to imagining the routine, the grouping, the music, again and again.
The alumnae who comes down for training almost every day (possibly more often than some of the current members), trying to pass on as much knowledge and spotting and moral support to the current team, not knowing if they will be useful or appreciated but does it anyway for the love of the team.
The spotter who is not officially part of the team but comes down every so often to help spot and support the team that he knows the routine as well as anyone.
The one who still loves cheer and especially the memories of the team but knows there is no going back.
The one who no longer loves cheer and is genuinely surprised that given enough time, one can really let go of something that you really really once loved.
The ones who are so far away from cheer but for some random reason or no reason at all, still comes back to this blog, unsure of what to expect, but coming back nonetheless.

This post is for all of you, for who you were, are and might be. Cheers

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