After the end of a season

Well the end of IHCC season is here, normally I wouldn’t write down my thoughts but having going through the journey from a different perspective I thought that I would pen my thoughts down (or type since this is the computer age. What is writing with a pen man? Hahaha).

So this season was drastically different from the others that I have seen. We did not ASU for the first time in 3 years. Immediately you could see that everyone was at a loss after performance, not sure what to think of and not sure how to act because no one in the team has faced such a situation before.

Our current situation reminded me of an anime called Kuroko no Basket( Yeah I watch anime too so sue me). Basically what happened in one point of the first season was that there are 2 main characters who were starting players in the same basketball team. What happened was that they had expected to have a close match with one of their opponent teams with a strong player but instead they got beaten so badly that their score was half of their opponents’ score. One of the main characters started to doubt his style of play after the words of the other main character of seemingly to want to get stronger by himself and gets distracted resulting the loss of his remaining 2 games and the elimination of his team in the tournament.

Basically after the 3 devastating losses, there was a period of uncertainty between the 2 main characters if they could work together to win or to work separately. But after pulling themselves out of their feelings of frustration on the loss, they figured out how they can improve themselves individually to not let down the other team members and became more determined to win the upcoming tournament. In the end they not only came out stronger entering the next tournament but also having defeated the team that doubled the score the previous tournament and eventually winning that tournament being the champs.

Now I understand that it is an anime, all fiction and cliché the main character gets defeated but comes back stronger. But I learnt several life lessons from this story. Not everything goes according to plan in life, but what we could do recover and fight on, figuring out what went wrong and we fight or train hard for the next season and proving to everyone that we are still contenders in IHCC (You can still cry over it for a while because after all you guys shed blood, sweat and tears for this and yet it just did not turn out your way). There is no guarantee we will be where we want, but what we are doing we are creating a chance for a stronger Vikings next year.

Also, whenever we reach an end goal, the euphoria felt is only temporary. The reverse could be said when we failed to reach the goal. But when we look back at how far you guys have come (especially the freshies. You have no idea how much you guys have grown or how much potential every single one of you have), you would not only not believe how far you have come throughout this HO journey but also all the fun memories and bonds you guys forged as a team. All these things are going to stay with you forever. So remember every season, every HO journey is unique. The people in the team will never be the same in any 2 seasons.

Ultimately when we look back into this season, don’t see it as a failure, but see it as something that help increase your chance to become stronger next year. After all, Micheal Jordan did not win his first championship in his first few times but finally succeeded when he learnt to rely on his teammate more. Have more confidence! We have it in us to reach the mountain top again.

OK that’s all for my thoughts I guess for now. Hopefully it helped and sorry if I rambled for so long. Probably had no structure in it too. Anyways jiayou guys for next season and remember to cheer for each other and enjoy the journey. It’s good to have aim for the mountain top, but always remember enjoy the scenery along the way. Also remember to help your teammates out. You never know when the times comes when they cover your ass. Ultimately it is a team performance, uniquely yours.



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