There you go

And so it is that some time ago, I promised Jasmin that I will be this blog’s resident writer should she be able to hit her heel double down. Of course many things have happened since then. I have gotten myself a job (on the other side of Singapore) and she has worked very very hard. Very happy and proud of her for she has raised the bar a little higher but at the same time showed that it was possible.

I have written from the perspectives of a freshie, a capt, a senior, a graduating senior, an alumni and now I write from probably my permanent perspective hereafter, that of a supporter. Had the opportunity to drop by yesterday and it was just a great feeling to see everyone again, including the coaches. These are old friends and I’m just glad we all made some great memories together. Seeing how they keep trying so hard to fulfil that requirement of one time asu for all groups at the same time, it makes me feel immensely proud that I was a part of endorsing this stubborn albeit sadistic practice. When they all automatically answer ‘no’ whenever coaches ask if they needed a break, deep down I think they are being silly to refuse yet that is also what I have come to expect from a Vikings cheerleader – a little silly and stubborn but with a lot of fighting spirit.

I won’t be a resident writer but I will write once in a while so in case at times you feel low about yourselves, you can come here and hopefully absorb from positive vibes from a very proud supporter that will always be in awe of your progress and spirit. Jiayou!


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