Catching Fire

Im too obsessed with Hunger Games. When will November come?!

Every fire starts with a spark
The end of cheer camp signified the end of phase 1, which is the play-play period. Entering phase 2, where we start to expect a certain standard from each other, no doubt there will be more pressure and more stress. This is probably also when some will find that cheer perhaps isn’t so fun afterall. And it probably isn’t.

I have always felt that the cheer mats resembled a kind of micro planet of some sorts and we are all organisms living in it. We interact and create rules for this mini planet of ours. Some will thrive and some won’t, some will evolve and adapt and some won’t. But regardless, there is a role for each and everyone of us, and my purpose for this year i guess is to pass down the fire. This is probably how it feels to die because why else would i find the determination to speak up during almost every debrief, writing personal feelings on this blog, wanting to train up wanteng to be the toy for the junior bases to play with, forcefully pulling junxi yanghan ernest to train toss hands. Too many feelings and emotions and wonderful things about this journey, i really don’t think i am able to remember them all by the end of HO, when the graduating seniors will speak to the rest of the team. Too many things to pass down. But if i want to pass down anything, it is the fire for this team.

Many have said before that Cheer is like a drug. It gets you addicted. I have been agreeing with it for the longest time but now i beg to differ. Vikings is that drug for me. Its the team and not the sport. Cheer wouldn’t be the same if im not cheering in this team. I hope future generations of Vikings cheerleaders will have this same determination and loyalty and passion for this team. Then i would know that all the things i have done have not gone to waste.
It always starts with fun and amazement at the stunts. That things you once thought were impossible, were actually achievable with effort and confidence. But it starts to get tough because you realise it isn’t always fun. You have bad days. You get injuries. You injure people. People are placing trust and expectations on you, like it or not. Sometimes you want to run away and quit, its just a committee afterall. And then you look around and see the other people on the mats with you. These people who were once strangers, but now mean something more to you in your life now. You look at them, the determination in their eyes, and you decide to grit your teeth and keep moving forward. And then suddenly one day you look back and realise cheer no longer means the same thing to you now. It has pushed you to your limits and you have grown because of that. It has forced you to step out of your comfort zone and as a result, you have seen and experienced new emotions. You start to do more and more things for this team. It becomes more and more reasonable to place this team as one of the most important things in your life, when a few months ago, it meant absolutely nothing.

Welcome to Vikings, guys.


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