Hi guys,
it had been a while since i wrote something in this blog. Personally I do not really like to do this kind of stuff cause my English sucks but something sparks me.

Today, 26th Sept 2013. I benched several aspects of safety and cause Wan Ting to get injured. I was not focus in the stunts cause I was affected that I did not went for the engineering networking session and also I took safety for granted. Yes I felt bad and helpless. The role model I wanted to set to my juniors had just gone down the drain after the accident and cause me to feel embarrassed. The rest of the training I felt reluctant and I could not focus during training. Why? Why talk so much but I neglected safety myself? Aren’t I just a dog that barks? I just hate myself about it and I lose the trust on myself, basically confidence.

I hope today’s message reminds the dangers of complacence and also remind juniors to not be like me. Stay focus and do not lose the trust and faith of yourself and your teammates. Stay safe!

Signing off



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