A team or a group?

I believe this blog has been quite quiet for some time so I shall write another post while Nghia arrows another.

As you can see from the title of the post, this is what I felt for Vikings.

At the very start, Coach and us came to a common understanding, all stunt up routine for the team.  Everyone is able to get to play a role in it for this wonderful event HO. Everyone has been training hard, sweating and bleeding but is that enough?

Exams are over. Holidays come and training starts to kick in. During the academic semester I understand members have to excuse training due to quizzes and projects, what about holidays?

I believe I have told every single one of you before, team bonding is very important. It may not be something you can train to get but definitely with more opportunities, with more hang outs, with more initiative, this would definitely work out!

I try to create opportunities but is there even once we are all present? or even worse, is there even once we have our full team around and with everyone come on time?

Is there such a need to treat every single one of you like kids and impose fines for those who are late?

Is there a need to teach everyone to be responsible to even learn how to reply your freaking messages?


Is this a cheerleading team when we can rely, trust and even help each other or a group when there is something happens and you just pity.

What is a team?

You know your teammates wanna train more, if you still can volunteer to assist.

You know your teammates can’t come for training, pass the fucking message or information around.

I am not asking you to do anything special! Its just common sense!

Come on guys!

Coach have been putting so much effort to train us. She even change her NUS team training to Friday to train us on Thursday. She do not stay in hall 5 but she is pouring so much in it. What more can you ask for? Then what about some of my members? You know it saddens me when yesterday I saw coach disappointed face and also the faces of us?

I understand everyone is tired from training, tired from the heretic holiday period but as long as one put in effort, can we just ignore the pain we have to put in our very best in everything and appreciate each and everyone’s presence and effort?

Can the flyers lock harder and fight harder even thought bases are not stable enough?

Can the bases follow timing and use more energy to fight hard for the stunts?

Can we have more patient with each other when stunts fail?

Can every single one of you encourage each other when the team morale is low?

Can we just communicate? Not just within bases and flyers or clicks, can we communicate with the team? Can we?

A single person can do nothing unless the whole TEAM cheer for each other.

Its time to be a cheerleader, start from within! Cheer yourself and your teammates!

That’s all I have to say….. Thinks about it!

(I apologize for the crude words used and have changed them. I am too harsh with my words)


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