Once upon a time… and they lived Happily ever after


As that date approaches, it bringing back fond memories. But I don’t mean my cheering days. I mean YOUR cheering days since joining VIKINGS. That fateful day since you got cheated to join. Yep. I’m sure not many joined willingly but nonetheless all of you are cheerleaders through and true.

HO was marked on my calendar ever since the date was released (and changed so many times), but sadly I have to miss this HO for the first time in 4 years. But I really wanna just do this with each and every one of you VIKINGS before I fly off to BKK and before your performance.

Hope you remember that night during cheer camp. With everyone seated in a circle, I asked, “One word that you wanna give to the rest of your team.” Commitment, Family, Determination, and many more words from all of you. Then with your eyes closed, we went through a journey of cheer life until HO.

Relive that moment if you can. But this time, with all you have been through. What is that one word from you now??? Honestly seeing your trainings, hearing your struggles, feeling your emotions, I must say this batch of VIKINGS went through an extraordinary journey. My one word would be “Heart”. Heart, the love for the sport and each other. Heart, the commitment and devotion. Heart, the hurt and pain. Heart, the joy and emotions. What will your word be given all that you have been through? Let this word take you to your performance and through your performance.

Just a recap of that hypothetical cheer journey from the past as i narrated. From joining the cheer workshop, to first training, to first elevator and flying so “high” for flyers and carrying a girl for bases, to hitting a pyramid, to cheer camp, to injuries (so many of them), to stunting for routine, to failures, to pain, to stress and emotions, to people crying, to countless hours doing props, to people breaking his nose, to full dress rehearsal, to ASU, to HO. The waiting area, the noise, the people, the glitter and make up, the anxiety. You guys will warm up, and then rest, and prep, and suddenly, the first hall will go out there and perform. The excitement starts to hit you, the memories will flood into your minds, the emotions will convert into accelerate heartbeats. Standing outside the performance ground, the final words from coach, the cheer off, and “UP NEXT LET’S GIVE IT UP FOR HALL FIVE!!!”. The rush, the props, the cheering, the audience, the atmosphere. And then the music starts. Ballerina, dance, pyramid, gymnast, cheer, stunts, dance, finale, banner… … End.
ASU, no regrets, exhilaration.

Before ending this just want to shout out. Doby and Lau, graduating le, final HO performance, cherish this. And of course, Sze Jie. 4 years of dedication to this team, the first and only person to take Vikings through so much, from a start up team till the team today, SWEE LAH!!!

Jia you VIKINGS and all the best!


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