Emotions emotions …


Ahahas … Tze Swen i am finally writing ! Since captain say we can say rubbish here so i shall make good use of it. 

 Froming my first pop down (which i used to fear the most) to my first direct extension to my first liberty and my first heelstretch(wahs … kinda look at it cheer has taken away a lot of my ‘第一次’ hahas … ) when i look at myself in cheer now i feel like i have been through a very long journey needless to say, the seniors would feel even stronger on this. I find it almost hard to believe, not that as if i have achieved a lot, but it is way more than what i have expected. To be honest, initially i picture myself just doing very basic stunts like elevator or extension then maybe at the background or something hahas … cause the impression of stunting to me, is something that needs a lot of time to learn and not something that can be grasped within months(esp for someone who is greenhorn to cheer like me). When i just joined, i spent almost 80% of my effort just to overcome my fear hahas … i was like oh man if i continue like this even years wouldn’t be enough for me to be fruitful in stunting :\ BUT thanks to everyone in the team for showering me with encouragements and slowly bit by bit i started to improve 🙂 

   Sometimes i feel that cheer is like drug; it is addictive esp on days that you’re on form when you keep hitting stunts you just can’t wait to do more. However, there would be down days too; days that your muscles just don’t seem to listen to you days that you keep telling yourslef to lock but when you’re up there, your knees still wobble. Yesterday was like an epic down day for me … i remember other than failing my initial group stunts i keep failing my shoulder stand too…i almost wanted to ask coach to replace me for the shoulder stand part but when i want to open my mouth to tell coach, nothing comes out cause i can’t help thinking that that’s not something that anyone in vikings would do, chicken out halfway? No way! So i just kinda put all emotions aside and ‘硬着头皮’ 去做 finally in the end manage to do it but there’s still room for improvement of course. Great thanks to Ser Kun and Shawn who never give up on me for the shoulder stand 🙂

  At times emotions can really be a hindrance when you are stunting that’s all i wanna say… to end off …

Vikings JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU !! All the way for a to-be-proud-of performance 😀


3 thoughts on “Emotions emotions …

  1. Finally la, xuequn. Dunno ask you post for how long already zzz. Have faith and keep fighting! Only then can down days become up days too

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