The R

Feel like blogging again tonight… haha… ^^

Went for training and SM*T was kind of normal today…what a surprise…haha anyway saw Ronald while alighting 179 and talked to him about the Noose when we were going up Hall 5 for training… wahaha thanks HuiWei, Ronald and Fiona as the Noose really made me LOL and ROFL… I’m so going to watch the 3rd episode later!!! ^^ haha and we kind of discuss about the Noose a bit while we were stretching during training today too (and yup, Ms Teng did the hold-there-forever-push-up again…oO…)…

Our dear Coaches came shortly after we have stretched and…YEAH!!!! The R is out!!! Woohoo!!! so the whole training today we tried our R up down left right in out and it was indeed tiring, especially our strong bases and not forgetting our wonderful flyers…we sweated a lot, and of course Captain sweated much more too…but it was FULFILLING!!! I don’t know how to say but when we tried part of the R together, I felt a sense of achievement when we went up together and held on to each other…it may seem like we are all doing different stuffs, but somehow I felt that there is a part of us that is the same…that is to hold on to each other and to hang it there and to do our best!!! although it was a matter of seconds, it was nice being part of the picture and the feeling was just beyond words… also, I feel that no matter what role we play in the R, it is still very important as all of us are EQUALLY IMPORTANT!!! We may not be clear of what role we play now, but somehow, we will definitely play a role in the R and without anyone of us, the R will be ikings (no longer Vikings, like Vikings without a “V”, you know…)…  I feel that we are highly dependent on one another and none of us should feel that we are less important than one another… we are just like a jigsaw puzzle, and the picture will never be complete without any of the 22 pieces (yup yup, it’s a 11X2 puzzle if you wonder)…

We have edges that match other pieces of the puzzle but we can only look at each other and not really know how to piece each of us together…haha so I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our coaches (Xingwei and Xuewei!!) for looking at our edges, and still looking and never giving up and trying your bests to piece us together and I believe eventually we will be a wonderful picture altogether… =) but of course, as pieces of the puzzle, we have to play our role too by making sure we keep our edges in its rightful position, so let’s not forget to take good care of each other ar (cradle well, spot well)! Drink up (neutral solutions, I mean), rest well and sleep tight! ^^

Also, we are proud to have Vikings M. Mentor Brian coming back to guide us in our training today!! 감사합니다 (kamsamnida…) ^^ so nice to have you with us together at the training!!! =)

When the training ended, we still continued stunning as RaWRRRR… we just love each other so much I guess I can’t believe it we stayed back to stun further even though most of us were quite tired already (esp Jiada and Ken and Captain who came after Rugby and Nghia after takraw and Eunice after Aces…)…yeah!!! ^^ and when I was jumping around, I saw this little girl holding on a pen and paper walking around as if asking for signatures… when she came to me, I realized she was actually collating the attendance for our cheer outing!!! Woohoo!!! thanks Ms Suzie for taking the time and efforts to plan this outing!!! ^^ Am so looking forward to it!!! Yeah!!! =)

WAHAHA and yeah!!! I cheered off with Vikings today!!! ^^ let’s rest well and jiayous for our next training!!! Oh and got time remember to watch the Noose! It’s very funny…. =)

VIKINGS!!! Thunder BOOM Thunder BOOM Thunder BOOM!!! VIKINGS!!! ^^


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