One Big Family

Wonder who would be the first to read this blog entry… Hah it’s after so long since I last blog here… I still remember last year when I first blog was because it was rotational and ying ying was asking me to blog something… haha so fast, it’s going to be HO once again…

Felt like blogging something today… first and foremost, happy belated 冬至 (dongzhi) to everyone! actually, I felt like blogging since yesterday already…

 Towards the end of yesterday’s training, coach asks us to do multi-assisted-partner-stunt (toss to hands and shoot up to extension and hold it there for two seconds – 10 cycles). Jiada kicked start by doing it first and strongly, he completed the 10 cycles with huiwei! Upz la jiada!!! As I was not staying in hall for the night and it was getting late, I volunteered to go second and I was paired with Yi Xin, our current year wonderful social secretary! However, I only completed one cycle and let Yi Xin down after that…I can’t really remember what happen but I think I din hold her well so the way she landed kind of aggravated her ankle which was already injured earlier this week… I felt so guilty… I hope that she is okay now… 😦 As I did not complete my cycles, coach asked me to continue with Indora. Hence, I prepared to go up with Indora, and this time round, I think a lot of Vikings know that I am quite tired already and also in a rush to catch the last train, so I think it’s like everyone came up to me and volunteered to assist me in completing my 10 cycles! I still remembered very clearly Mr Chia Jia Da, having completed the 10 cycles earlier with huiwei, without hesitation volunteered to be my assist to help me complete my 10 cycles. Not only Mr Chia, I also remember Lau, Nghia, Tao Guang, Derrick, Ben and Ken (in fact all the guys who were there at training) were all around me to either help me backload, sideload (left and right), spot and consistently encouraging me for every pump that I made from hands to extension height. When I managed to do until the fourth one, I could still remember the words of encouragement from everyone telling me “almost halfway there already!! Go serkun you can do it!!!” and when I did the fifth one, everyone continued to cheer for me “halfway there already!! Come on jiayous serkun you can do it!!!”… although eventually I couldn’t continue and only ended at the fifth count, I am really really very very encouraged by everyone and thankful to everyone… all the words of encouragement from everyone, the all-round-assist that everyone has given me through the “simple” exercise, all these really made me felt like I’m in a big family in Vikings and we really care for one another… it’s like we are fighting together for a common goal and we are one big family that will do it together with tonnes of encouragement and help from one another and come what may… and if you asked me why I would want to join back cheerleading even though I’m in my final year, I would say it’s because of this big family feel that I have developed with Vikings that I find it precious and priceless and heartwarming… Just wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped  and encouraged me in one way or another…you all are the best! =)

Today is冬至 (dongzhi). My relatives will be coming over to my place for reunion dinner. I received Indora’s message in the afternoon about today’s cheer training in the evening… I replied to her telling her that I might not be able to make it as my relatives will be coming over for dinner and that I had to stay at home for the reunion dinner. Indora replied yup it’s okay and asked me to enjoy my reunion dinner! I dunno but I just felt guilty that I did not go training today… :S I also thought I should just stay at home as it was dongzhi… at 7.15pm, I looked at the clock, I realized I was thinking how I’m shifting the tables in the canteen if I’m in school preparing for cheerleading (although it’s really quite a chore…lol…)… At 7.30pm, I was thinking probably Vikings is still doing stretching, or maybe doing ying ying’s hold-it-there-forever pumping or no-rhythm-sense-back-arc (joking ar yingying.. hee)… at 7.45pm, I told my mama I think I should go back to train with them ba…since I already had some portion of the reunion dinner… My mama told me in mandarin, “ok la go la…ur body is here but I know ur mind is there la…be careful ar…” dunno why, I immediately went to my room and change into Vikings new tee and stepped out of my house at 8pm to head back school to cheer with Vikings… =) when I reach school, it was already 9pm… I was very happy to see everyone at the mats… then I started stretch myself first (I wanted to stretch along the way back school to save time but I decided not to do it as I was wearing cheerleading tee…  later kana stomp… :S )… after a while, I saw hui wei come into the canteen too!! cox I remember her saying she might not be able to come for training cox of dongzhi dinner at home too… but she also made the effort to come back hall to train with everyone else!! I think it is really this big family thingy that probably really makes us want to contribute to Vikings and work hard together with one another to fight together for our common goal… And it is really heartwarming to see all the efforts that everyone is putting in to keep this family going… jus to mention a few, like i still remember sze jie and captain coming to training on sunday night although they have to book in after that; Eunice joining us after her training with ACEs; Joy and Ronald coming to train in school from home although they are not staying in hall; busy JCRC-Vikings; busy sporty-Vikings; and in fact everybody else I believe we ALL have made our efforts in one way or another which I find it really heartwarming and proud to be part of this one big family of Vikings… Along the training, I was asking “where’s Indora?”, then I think ying ying told me she’s not feeling well so she could not turn up for training… I still remembered in the afternoon she was still msging everyone about training this evening and the fact that she actually did it when she was actually not feeling well… thanks Indora!! You are awesome!! Rest well and join us in the training soon!!!

=)  it is really very heartwarming to be in such a big family in team Vikings…where everyone encourages everyone and works with everyone for everyone… hah thanks so much to everyone that has helped me in one way or another…


let’s continue to jiayous and work our best for the upcoming HO!!! We can do it!!! We can do it!!! We can do it!!!

Thanks Vikings Senior Mentor Chris and Lina for coming back to train us despite your busy work schedules too!!! =) 

Heh.. Din manage to cheer off with you all yesterday and today…so I shall make the belated cheer offs here!!!


21 Dec 2011 – VIKINGS!!!! Thunder BOOM Thunder BOOM Thunder BOOM VIKINGS!!!! =)

22 Dec 2011 – VIKINGS!!!! Thunder BOOM Thunder BOOM Thunder BOOM VIKINGS!!!! =)

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