A Happy Day, dedicated to…

It has been so long since I last sat in front of my com, not having to worry about schoolwork, tutorials, quizzes or exams. Missed the wonderful days of IA man. But I am happy today for an additional reason.

On the request of my dear toy, I am writing this now. It started as a day to train her pop twist + pop front tuck, a foursome affair on a lonely Sunday afternoon, but turned into a 30-man affair with Kosmos, and a much needed post exam workout for some, hor? Plenty of bouncing, good for the quadriceps.

Anyway the icing on the cake came at the end of everything. Toss-to-hands. I was pleasantly surprised that after 3 weeks of physical inactivity, with no running and no gymming, the first toss of the day got me the height I wanted, the second toss was totally satisfying. It made me wondered how I tried so hard on the last free-stunting before exams but couldn’t hit it, and it just came after studying for too long. See, I told you maybe studying too much made me grew stronger. On a more serious note, maybe my shoulder ligament injuries have fully recovered, allowing me to toss better, maybe the hundreds of bounces today have warmed up my muscles appropriately for the perfect blast, maybe your jumped improved from resting for too long. Either way, you made my day, and I hope I made yours too. Good toss too btw, Teo.

I want you to make it to my profile pic one day, on a lib. Have a safe voyage!



4 thoughts on “A Happy Day, dedicated to…

  1. wah eh i just realised u really posted something here HAHA! anw, LIBERTY sure hit ah! i want to make it to ah fai’s profile pic too on a cupie! make my ego shoot up the sky and the stars will drop!

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