I swear I didnt purposely want to start writing this post at this auspicious hour of 2.21AM. Its purely coincidental.

By now, all of us know that we need to put up a routine for HOOC 11/12. Actually I also have a routine. ‘After-cheer-training-session’ routine. It goes like this:

First count of 8: Put things back in room and prepare to go for supper

Second count of 8: Having supper at Ah Fang with the usual supper people, trying to resist the temptation to eat (tonight the resistance broke though)

Third count of 8: Walk back from Ah Fang, feeling very tired and complain to whoever is nearby that Im super tired. Start cursing loudly or silently when climbing up the steps of the overhead bridge, feeling like the thigh will cramp anytime

Fourth count of 8: Back to the room and cool down and surf net and procrastinate

Fifth count of 8: More procrastination

Sixth count of 8: Bathe

Seventh count of 8: Procrastinate

Eighth count of 8: Wash clothes

Ninth count of 8: Start work! Which happens to be 2.21Am just now when I started on this post. Ok sorry for the crap.

Training is finally coming to a close. Next week (2nd Nov) is our last training before we break for exams. The next time we see each other is the time we go full steam ahead for HO. Personally Im really happy with today’s training, especially 221. Fighting for stunts, that look of determination on their faces because they refuse to see the pyramid fail, giving each other feedback on how to improve. I saw these in our juniors and I cant help but feel so proud of you guys. Especially the junior midtiers Joy Fiona YiXin XueQun, you guys have stepped up and for the first time, I felt that this was a team effort. To be honest, I was worried at first about having Sousata and Joy and Fiona try first. We have never tried junior topfly with 2 junior midtiers before. If it all goes wrong, it will be damn demoralising for everyone especially the juniors. But then again, if we dont try now, then when? No doubt it wasnt perfect. The catching could have been better. Tossing could have been higher. Topfly (Sousata!!!!!) DEFINITELY could have locked more. But hey, the pyramid went up. It wasnt pretty but I saw the fighting spirit especially in the midtiers. We will definitely improve from here.

Last week, when I was at the Spectrum Anniversary, Chaangru asked me if our team is ready for HO. And I replied that we will be. And I really think we will. Sometimes its exciting to think about what this team can achieve because there is so much potential, even and especially in the juniors. But its also depressing when the progress of the team becomes stagnant, when the stunts dont go up and everyone is just lacking confidence. But oh wells, there will always be ups and downs. And today was an up for me. Anyway whats important is that we walk and enjoy this journey together as a team. 

Im glad we are all in this together


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