Yesterday’s training was a good dose of Back To Basics. It has been a long while since I experienced such satisfying intensity during training. I kind of like the intensity actually, gives me the feel that I did something during training. It is also a good wake up call that I need to stop being lazy and start hitting the gym again. Arm power is seriously lacking. Being shagged to the extent of not being able to extend a top fly is a serious ego bruiser.

Yesterday’s training gave me a good dose of New Found Motivation as well. I don’t know why, but after yesterday’s training, I suddenly felt inspired to hit a cupie before I grad. Maybe seeing Tze Swen’s email of the physical trainings made me high, or maybe too many people in Spectrum are hitting it, I just felt like I wanted to achieve something I can impress myself with in what is probably the final year of my cheer career.

People say, “you are only young once”. I say,  “you are never old until you choose to acknowledge it”.



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