Last training with spectrum….

The blog looks quiet for quite some time already, so i shall blog about something to keep it alive!

I must admit, after missing spectrum training for 2 weeks, I felt a tinge of sian-ess to pull myself to attend the last training. But after stretching and pt, and seeing serkun being so enthusiastic about round off, pike and round the world, I began to feel the push within myself to try the stunts, and soon found myself feeling how it was like during HO, feeling good to keep spamming and spamming the stunts and tossing to shoulder stand.

Last training with spectrum makes me reflect on our cheerleading journey after HO. It has not been an exactly smooth journey after HO, but I must thank the captains and everyone for pulling the team closer. Not forgetting spectrum, I’m glad to make the decision to join spectrum, and thankful to spectrum for their patience and advice given to us. Without spectrum, we wouldn’t be able to learn as much and wouldn’t be able to try out the stunts, which I feel they were way beyond what I can do initially.

Lastly, let mug hard!! And take some time off to keep our blog alive!


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