Things to Try

I know their standard is very high, but nothing is impossible. We can work on our sharpness in dance. Look at how they move, every movement is sharp and energetic. They do it with such passion, it makes me want to join them haha. They hiao with seh also.

I also thought of things you guys can try out over the holidays. As Yan Heng said, before coming training, always have something in mind of what you want to learn. I believed next Monday onwards, training will be more structured, but there will always be some time for learning new things. 🙂 You guys can work on Liberty –> Arabesque . Heel Stretch –> Scales can come in later. Then for pyramids, can try Gladiator, Table Top. Things to try for “fun” –> Torch, Teddy Bear. Also, train Basket Toss, the more flyers can do basket toss, the merrier. 🙂

I saw this stunt call Diamond Head and Fan Lift, looks cool… haha definitely can try for “fun”. Remember, before having fun, safety always come first. 🙂

Some photos of different type of stunts (you’ll be surprised there’s so many kinds of stunts) –>

Also, for every stunts, there’s many ways of going up. For example, elevator, you can go up the normal way, 90, 180, 270 or 360. Shoulder stand, you can go up the step-step, assist-toss or toss. Transitions are the main factor in making a stunt look even better. The higher level the transitions, the more zai the stunts look. The best way to explore transitions is Youtube. 🙂


-Lina (I’m too free haha)



2 thoughts on “Things to Try

  1. Hello,
    My name is Danika Dunn, i am a student at The Park Community School and for my G.C.S.Es in English we had to produce a website for revision tips, i have chosen P.E and on one of my pages i am having a Cheerleading page as i used to do cheerleading. I want to use one of your photos of a cheerleading doing a bow and arrow but if we want to use the photo we have to write to the owner and ask for permission. So please can i use your photo of a cheerleading doing a bow and arrow??
    Thank you.

    Danika Dunn x

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