3 Hours…

Monday 21st feb, my first training with spectrum, I must say I truly enjoyed the training, and I believe everyone enjoyed too. 3 hours of training just flew plus, and we were still fighting to do the last stunt of the day after the lights went off.

3 hours – almost everyone did assisted toss to hands extension, walk to hands, chair to hands, liberty, 270 elevator, some tried shoulder sit to hands and other stunts (I can’t remember all the stunts we did), and we managed to hit most of the stunts, at least with some hard fights to save the stunts. Not forgetting gymnasts, I believe Ronald & derrick tried new stuff too, and lastly, we saw Ronald and Zhi wei doing bow and arrow (can consider male flyers doing bow and arrow for HO next year – wooh!)

Glad to see many of us (spectrum and vikings) going down to train. You have made cheerleading very enjoyable for me, making me always looking forward to the up coming trainings!


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