rigged elections






11 thoughts on “rigged elections

      • Lol szejie, i was talking about the comments by kj, not the post. I refuse to come to terms with my new post haha. As of now, im a normal Vikings member

      • Wat i mean is, kj said dat sze jie is captain’s love. When u commented dat it sounds wrong, din u alr indirectly admitted that he was referring to u?

        Anyway back then i took abt 3 months to finally come to terms with it. Like u, i felt someone better shld be the next capt. But too bad this time round, u want to beat hall 7 nxt year, so we have to start training reali soon to be one step closer to that. So u onli have 4 more days to come to terms with it haha.

      • Haha szejie, im still holding onto hope that things may turn out differently on wednesday. Please dont destroy it

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