a good show.

hi guys its ronald!

today during cheer training one statement struck me harder than any other. if we cannot do cartwheels properly, we will all be doing forward rolls. all of us know how it feels like to have our performance downgraded. happened before and i hope it doesn’t have to happen again.

in the last downgrade, my own stunts were not affected but it kinda hit me too. in the coming possible downgrade, my own portion will not be affected also. BUT I STILL CARE AND MY MORALE IS HIT AS HARD AS ANYONE ELSE!! i want to put up a good show for quality entertainment, not a safe and mundane 5minute display.

well after thinking through that.. i guess there is something positive to take away from that reflection. vikings has become as much a part of me as i am a part of vikings.

PS. Tolong tolong do the cartwheels properly please please please! i see from the back, its a mess..


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