Random Ramblings…

I can’t believe I spent the entire day today from 9am to 6.30pm training for cheer. That’s like 9 1/2 hours, minus 1 hour for lunch break, it is still a pretty good 8 hours +. More surprisingly, the so many hours of training didn’t make me shag. In fact, I feel even more energetic now than when we started in the morning, feeling super high 3 hours after training. It’s a pity I wasn’t able to join u guys for dinner to make the day even more perfect.

Looking back, it has been a good 4 months since we started our 1st official training on 22 September 2010. From not even knowing how to do a shoulder stand, you guys have progressed to doing pyramids that I can be proud of. I am not shy to say that you guys are who I fight for. It is not for the rankings, it is for you people. It is your enthusiasm that keeps me going.  

Today marks the 10th day counting down to HO.

Just 9 more days to the big day. Let’s perservere together towards our goal for each other, for yourselves, for our hall. You will find the sacrifice worthwhile when you look back at something you can be proud of.

Make it a good one we can be proud of.

One team. One dream. Infinite possibilities.


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