What happens after HO?

I think life will suddenly go back to normal and monotonous again. The emptiness will probably be unbearable for a while before finally being able to move on.


7 thoughts on “301

  1. Haha….a lot of things will happen after HO.
    First, we’re gonna celebrate for being in Top 5.
    Second, we’re gonna have team outing 😀
    Third, we’ll still continue improving ourselves with trainings.
    Fourth, hmm…..still thinking about it now. Hehe….

    • After HO, we will be students first then cheerleaders rather than the other way round like now. Actually results dont matter to me so much. I already regard this team as a top team. Haha i think i will miss the team and the times we spent this hols after HO

      • We are the next generation of Hall 5 cheerleading. The future of the team lies in our hand. Sooooo….let’s add more awesomeness into Vikings and make our gonna-be-graduating-soon seniors proud of us XD

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