Rants and More

Nope not the arrowed blogger for this round. But after reading all the blogs felt like juz typing so stuff haha.


5 months ago we came together. Strangers in a strange environment doing strange things. Today, we are Vikings, training like there’s no 2moro. Love you guys for that and you really gave me something to fight for.


2.5 weeks left. Truly my final showpiece before I take a bow from this stage. I dun wanna leave knowing it could have been better. And I believe none of us wan to feel that way too. So hope we can fight hard and harder for every single stunt or jump or gymnast move or dance or chant. I’m going out to win (the hearts of the supporters) and hope u guys can feel the desire too.


The recent injury spree has really taken a toll on the team. I noe everyone is affected but I really wan to say that I’m not an exception. With Nivia’s ankle, Indora’s knees & back, Cheryl’s both ankles & back, Hui wei’s ankle, Charmaine’s back and ankle, Liane’s back and ankle (haiz), Lina’s ankles, Yings’ brains; Derrick’s ankles, Sze Jie’s thumb, all the bases’ wrist, my shoulder & ribs; we are sacrificing ourselves for cheer, so dun disappoint urselves. every time someone gets injured, I mus really say it pains me more than I show it. So please treasure one another and treasure urselves. We live and die as one, but I prefer that we live.


Please think back… before you joined cheer. did u ever think u cld do a handstand-foward roll, much less a cartwheel; what abt taking an elevator tt works manually, or viewing the world from 2 storeys high chair; or putting 70kg on ur shoulders, or putting a friend’s life on ur shoulders. You guys make me proud and hope you guys are just as proud of urselves.

Finally, quote of the day “cheer is abt creating an amazing story that u can get excited abt jus thinkin abt it.”


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