I got very distracted, as usual, in this crazy, ditch-all efforts to get some reasonable grades. Sometimes, when I look at the big picture, I take a step back and ask myself, aren’t humans ironic? First, we created jobs, and then we decided we needed to have a proper education before we can work, and then we went on to introduce gauges to test our learning abilities (aka examsssss). Then comes the funniest part of all – we are remunerated in the first step of our career according to our ability to study. I think the education system has served limited purpose, coz we are just mired in a mindless pursuit of grades, not knowledge, or anything else for that matter. Ok, this is a cheer blog, so I am supposed to blog about cheer rite?

Honestly, after reading Tze Swen’s post, I couldn’t stop smiling to myself. Couldn’t stop smiling coz I know there is at least one freshie who reali likes our cheer trainings. Couldn’t stop smiling coz I know there is at least one freshie who is passionate about cheer. Couldn’t stop smiling coz I know there is at least one freshie who likes tough PT, getting injuries so that he can compare. Okok I know there are a lot more of you who are equally or even more passionate about cheer, which makes it very heartwarming. This being my 3rd year in cheer, I see in this batch something I didn’t see in the past 2 years. The passion in your eyes, the bonding, the enthusiasm about cheer.

Btw auntie suzy complained he misses my posts on the blog and he is losing interest in our blog due to my noticeable absence. So this post is also dedicated to you ok, my pitch-toss gay partner? We tossed Xingtong to Swedish Fall i dun believe we can’t toss a Huiwei to 2-2-1! Come back during holidays and we shall conquer what we din do dat day ok!

Ok, its time to end this random post and go back to studying. :(((((((((((


5 thoughts on “Randomz

  1. Cannot imagine sze jie smiling to himself uncontrollably in front of his computer… Anyway i know for sure that i am not the only freshie who is happy in cheer. Everyone who comes down for training faithfully all the time definitely has some passion for cheer!

  2. are u sure in the past 2 years, there is no one enthu abt it?? what abt the graduated ones who were final year students last year.. so sad this is said by the former captain :((((((((((((((

    • Perhaps it’s the phrasing of the words that cause the misunderstanding. Please do not misunderstand. Every batch of the cheer team has their own good and bad points. Let’s just say that the overall team culture for this year’s batch in the beginning till now is much more enthusiastic and at a different area. This doesn’t equates that for the past 2 years, no one is enthu. These are 2 separate issues. If for the past 2 years, no one is enthu, our cheer team would not have continued till now.

      Btw Jerry, are there other more common name that we can recognise you by?

      • hey lina, dun worry, I’m not angry la, maybe due to the way i described it. Jiayou for ur upcoming HO Opening. Must get better than 10th place this time round.

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