No Regrets Ever

Hey dudes and dudettes of Viking!

Some of you know me as a sadist, some know me as a crazy person, most know me as the lame one (literally). But today, it’s about inspirations.

Cheer is about Team, Commitment, Blood, Sweat and Tears. First build the TEAM because cheer is a team sport; one base or one flyer is not cheerleading. Next, make a COMMITMENT to each other because everyone is unique and you can’t hit a stunt if you are not around to train with your partner/group. Then, training will never be 100% smooth;flyers will fall and bases will overexert; BLOOD will flow. After that, every stunt is never one try, one hit, so we gotta keep training and keep hitting it until we can use SWEAT to mop the floor. In the end, through countless hours training, we only have that 5 mins on the mats during HO; we perform, we go crazy, but in the end, we always cry (out loud or in our hearts), TEARS of joy.

Cheer is about YOU. You, you, you, you… Everyone is different but everyone is special. There is no such thing as substitution in cheerleading. 

Cheer is about Body, Heart and Soul. Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader.

Finally, Cheer is about never regretting. Input = injuries, hours burnt, sacrifices to academic life, hall life, family life, personal life. Output = The smiles at the end of each performance, from the audience, from the coach, from your teammates, from yourself. Worth it? Definitely.

One last thing before I sign off. While writing the above, I was thinking whether to write about the history, strifes and trials that Hall V cheer has gone through since forming. Or maybe my experience from first cheering in JC for 2 months to Vikings to Spectrum to Quincunx to Vikings again. Or about what stunts there are and an intro to cheer stunting.

But I thought in the end, none of that matters. What is important is this team, Vikings and whatever lies ahead of us. We are a team and I can say from deep down, you guys are what I fight for. I stepped out of retirement because I was promised a committed team. And with you guys, I don’t think I will ever regret making that decision.

No Regrets Ever.


3 thoughts on “No Regrets Ever

  1. Wahhh……this write up is soooooo touching!! I think I need a tissue noww…… *dab dab*

    No regrets ever…..Lovely said 🙂

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