Mini Cheer Camp!!!

Hi cheerleaders!

The schedule for our 1st mini cheer camp is out!  It’s compulsory for all current cheerleaders to come! Haha
Ex-cheerleaders you are welcome to! Just let me know in advance! :] Meet 4PM at Cultural Room on 15 Oct!

Mini Cheer Camp (15 – 17 October 2010)

Day 1 (15 Oct)
4PM         : Foundation Training I (under Chris)
6PM         : Dinner Break
730PM   : Training
1030PM : Debrief

Day 2 (16 Oct)
10AM      : Foundation Training II (under Lina)
1130AM : Cheerleading Videos
12PM       : Lunch Break
130PM    : Training
630PM    : Debrief & Photo Taking

*room raiding at a later time

Day 3 – Sentosa (17 Oct)
9AM       : Set-Off to Sentosa!
10AM    : Settle Down & Play/Chill!
2PM       : End Camp

What to bring and wear:

1. Cheer attire for 2 days of intensive training [i.e. proper footwear, tights (for the ladies)]

2. Beach wear, sun block, toiletries and fun stuff (e.g. frisbee, beach ball) for Sunday beach outing

3. Water bottle for 3 days of hydration (A MUST)!

4. $$$ for your lunch, dinner and outing

5. Yourself & your CHEER ATTITUDE! :]

Side note:

We’re looking for a sub-comm to be our camera/video person! Please apply now! :] HAS & IPS Points would be awarded. For any queries, please contact Lina @ 90122080. Thank you!


Your Ra-Ra Captain Lina


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