Monday Training?!!!

We’re going to have some extra foundation training on Monday by our very own Gymnast coach, Chris! It’ll be on 4th October, Monday, 930pm – 11pm. Venue most likely in Cultural Room. We’ll start with some light warm-ups followed by a series of non-stunts-up training. Things like tuck jump, hand stand push up, elevator base timing and locking, etc… So for those who can make it, please do come, it’ll be beneficial to train your foundation so that you can have smoother trainings on Wednesdays!

Also… have you all been wondering what cheerleading dance is like? Well, it’s …

In order to do a cheerleading dance well, there are few essentials to note:

1. You have to be sharp and neat

2. You need to have a great energetic expression

And… the entire team have to synchronize. And cheer dance sometimes includes jumps and gymnast

Usually dance will be out nearing the date of HO… so keep a look out for it and train hard when it comes! :]


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