1st Official Training! Get Excited!

1st Training

22nd September 2010


7:30pm – 10:30pm

Outside Canteen 5

Those who did not manage to make it to our cheer clinic, it’s alright. You can still come for our cheerleading training! We are still looking for more guys! You can be short and skinny, it doesn’t matter, in cheer, we learn techniques.

Also, we’re still opening up our positions in our Main Comm, and accepting both Seniors and Juniors to apply!

Publicity & Creative Officers
We need 3 more person to undertake this portfolio. Looking for people with design skills AND/OR fireworks/photoshop background.

Business Managers
We have 1 and we’re looking for a partner for her! Basically this job scope is about looking for sponsors and canvassing.

For those who are in the Main Committeee, congratulations and welcome! I look forward to working with you guys for the next 1 year! Most probably meeting would be on next Thu, would update you guys again.


Your Ra-Ra Captain Lina


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