It’s Time for Some Cheer Clinic!

Right after the recruitment performance on last Wednesday’s Freshmen Welcome Dinner, you’ve seen these two persistent cheerleaders going around hall 5 with a form asking people to join cheer clinic. Well, yes, these two people are Sze Jie and I, the Financial Controller and Captain of Hall 5’s upcoming cheerleading team.

Oh yeah, we want you to join our cheer clinic, and we want you to join real bad. After all, we are a bunch of friendly and selfless people that love to share the joy of cheerleading. Who knows? You might want to come back for more. We’re going to have lots of fun in this cheer clinic, doing things you would have never done for that past 18-22 years of your life. Life’s too short to hesitate, just go for it.

Who’s there?

So far, we’ve got a bunch of crazy seniors, both cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders. Also, various freshmen from the 4 different OGs in HAVOC camp, namely Iris, Styx, Orion and Nike. We’ve a few other freshmen who never went to camp. It’s basically people here and there in hall 5, so the cheer clinic creates a really great session for you guys to mix around and get to know more people. You might even get to know a senior where you can buy really cheap textbooks from or a fellow junior in the same lecture as yours. As long as you’re a resident or current/going-to-be squatter of Hall 5, feel free to join us.

What to wear & bring and what are we going to do?

For boys: Dark colour shirt, sport shorts, sport shoes and socks.

For girls: Shirt, sport shorts, short tights (to prevent zaogeng, you can get it at This Fashion JP), indoor court shoes (preferable) or sport shoes, and socks.

If you want/need to put on wrist, knee and/or ankle guard, please do bring it along. Also, do bring water bottles along to hydrate yourself. Most important, wear contact lenses if you have! If no contacts, it’s alright too.

We’ll start off with some warm-ups, introduction as well as safety briefing, so you can have a safe and fun session. This will be followed with stunting, namely shoulder sit and shoulder stand. The last part of the session will be some gymnast before we debrief and have supper!

When is it?

13th September 2010, 3rd week Monday, 7:15PM to 10:30PM. For DnD paegent candidates, you can leave at around 8:45PM to prepare for paegent training.

Where is it?

The corridor right outside Canteen 5. Very easy to spot us with our big blue cheerleading mats.

How to sign up?

Simply sms Lina @ 90122080, or SJ @ 98274225 or email us @ the following:

1. Name

2. Handphone number

3. Room number

Why go?

How often do you get the chance to try cheerleading without any experience in anything? Almost ZERO. It’s something new, it’s something fun. And definitely an ego-booster for guys. What’s holding up weights compared to holding up girls? For girls, the view up there is definitely different from ground level, something your 3 inch high heels won’t achieve, trust me. No matter what words  that I am using now would never better explain than joining our cheer clinic and experiencing the thrill yourself. Don’t wait, pick up your phone now and contact us! We look forward to see you at our cheer clinic. :]


Your Ra-Ra Cheer Captain Lina

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