5th Training after creation of blog

Number 5. Let’s see how many trainings we clock by the time we hit recruitment performance. Today’s training seems to feel abit empty, my favourite flyer is not around. But at least today’s training is really meaningful, in the sense we tried out some new, radical techinques on certain stunts.

Today, time passed really fast. The first time I checked the time, it was already 21:44. I feel like I have been doing very little. The first part of training for me was just spent spotting for people here and there, everywhere. We did Swedish Fall again today, this time with a new method of going up. The top fly is going to fly up, yep, literally. It is riskier, more room for failure, but definitely faster, cleaner and sharper visually. More importantly, cooler. Then it was back to doing 270s again. Today, the 270s were disatisfying, something was just not right, the coordination between Suzy, Miss Rebond-le-turn-sexy and me. Training ended with basket toss for me. We tried a new method today, under recommendation from Audrey. Very fast, very explosive, less taxing on bases. Swee right? Solves my problem of not being able to burst fast enough in the old method. I am always unable to get my legs to accelerate upwards fast enough when under load, resulting in less than ideal bursts. This method seems to improve the situation with basket toss. Now it is about brainwashing all the flyers to get used to it.



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